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Band Craft Fair and Matador Market: November 12, 2022, and Spring 2023

Assist with the Band Craft Fair in the fall and the Matador Market in the Spring. These two events are the LARGEST and MOST IMPORTANT FUNDRAISERS OF THE YEAR, and both require a lot of student and adult volunteers.

There are some pre craft fair and market tasks on the days prior. On the day of events, volunteers help set-up and tear down the craft fair, organize students and assist vendors.

It’s a great time bonding with other parents, students, and our vendors.

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**Committee heads are graduating this year. Individuals are needed to shadow this year, learn the ropes, and take over next year. These events are very organized and many hands help.



Pizza Under the Stars Dinner Concert (PUTS) September 22, 2022

Organize and /or assist at the fund-raising family night out including pizza and a concert with all of Sandia HS Bands performing. This event is pre-paid with a bake sale and silent auction.

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Restaurant Nights (Once a month)

Coordinators connect with various local restaurants to schedule Sandia Band Booster Dining Days. In addition to scheduling dates this volunteer position usually requires making copies and distributing a flier to the band.

The band will earn a percentage of sales for the date and time assigned to us as a fundraiser.  Locations that support restaurant nights include: Stripes, California Pizza Kitchen, Twisters, B2B Bistro, Chick-Fil-A, BJ’s Restaurant, and many more.

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Fundraiser Chairperson and Committee

Individuals work closely with the board members to coordinate fundraisers approximately every 6 weeks. These individuals are invited to attend the monthly board meetings. Duties may include contacting fundraising companies, check out and collect fundraising forms and merchandise from students

Fundraising ideas for the 2022-2023 School Year: Some are established, and some are new ideas: Dan Stouffer painting opportunity tickets, butter braids sales, pretzel rods/candy sales, Giving Bean Coffee fundraising, wrapping paper sales, and poinsettias sales.

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Bus Chaperones (Marching Season)

Help with chaperoning the band on bus trips to football games, competitions, festivals, trips etc.  Also help the band get ready to march, pass out food, drinks etc. at football games and competitions. *Volunteers for this position must have the APS background check which is online at APS Volunteers and is good for two years.

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Third Quarter Dinner Team (Marching Season)

The Band Boosters provides dinner for the band and guard during football games and competitions. Volunteers are needed to coordinate ordering, pick up the food, and help serve the students.

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Pit Crew (Marching Season)

Volunteers are needed to unload/load, assemble/disassemble props at rehearsal and competition sites, as well as assist in moving large props/tarps to the performance field/venue. Volunteers should be able to repeatedly lift heavy loads and work as a team for safe and timely action.

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Water Brigade (Marching Season)

Fill and ice down water coolers, purchase and distribute bottled water for the band during football games and marching competitions. This team will also purchase/make drinks for the third quarter meal. Boosters provide coolers and reimburse costs.

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Uniform Team

Assist with organizing uniforms for marching and concert bands as well as help out on the uniform fitting sessions at the beginning of the year and return sessions at the end of the year. Volunteers are also needed to assist band members in getting “bling” on and off at all games and competitions.

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**Our uniform parent is graduating this year. Individuals are needed to shadow this year, learn the ropes, and take over next year. Uniforms are very organized and many hands help.



Talents, Trade and Time

Do you have a talent, trade, or time that you are willing to share to help the SHS Band Boosters? We need all sorts of people throughout the year such as drivers, welders, carpenters, cooks, artists, organizers, computer, website and social media savvy people, bookkeepers, writers, etc.

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Social/Hospitality Chairperson and Committee

The Social/Hospitality Chairperson should coordinate social/special events for the band boosters including but not limited to location, meals, and decorations. Each event requires research into possible locations for the event, planning food, advertising each event, and submitting proposals to the Board for approval in advance of the event, and working closely with the Treasurer to stay within budget limitations. Events might include the Ice Cream Social, Year End Banquet, and Craft Fair Hospitality Suite.

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Pageant of Bands (POB) October 22, 2022

Volunteer the day of POB to fill the required quota of volunteers for the Band Boosters to receive payment for our time throughout the year. Sandia’s POB representatives attend meetings 10 months out of the year and need the support of volunteers the day of the pageant. Duties are assigned the day of the pageant. Shifts are a few hours and volunteer times are scheduled so that they will not interfere with watching our band perform.

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** At the end of the season, we will be looking for new liaisons to take over for the current POB representatives. We have a lot of fun and with multiple people we can divide and conquer for the monthly meetings (one of us goes to the meeting on a rotating schedule). Sandia High School Liaisons are responsible for running the tickets booth on the day of POB.