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Parents and Family Members Working Together 

Welcome to the Sandia Band Boosters! We are parents and family members working together to support our students in achieving their passion and goals in music and in life.  Please click here to view our organization bylaws and constitution.

Your student is about to embark on many amazing opportunities and adventures in their musical and personal growth in the Matador Band program. Your student may be in one or several of the various bands in the band program and Mr. North has exciting curriculums planned for each and every one of the bands! As you may or may not already know, music education is an expensive course of study and most of what is needed is not covered by APS, but what the students get in return in their musical and personal growth is invaluable. This is where families come in; under the Sandia Band Boosters, we all work together to make sure the funds and helping hands are there for our students to aim high and reach their full potential!

The Band Booster Board works with Mr. North to establish a yearly budget and work hard throughout the year to make sure the band program is fully funded.  Included in the budget is purchasing music scores and rights, instruments (new, repair, replace, rentals), hiring music clinicians, uniforms (dry cleaning, shoes, show shirts, etc…), transportation (school buses and Penske trucks), competition entry fees, performance rental spaces, supplies, meals and snacks, and the list goes on. To keep costs as low as possible for everyone, all the families work together. At the beginning of the year, lab fees and booster expenses are collected to get the program started.  This can typically be anywhere from $125 to $365 dollars depending on which and how many bands your student is enrolled.  Then throughout the year we have several fundraisers that we all volunteer at to raise the rest of the needed funds.

One last thing, we know we are asking for some of what may be in short supply: time and money.  But remember it is going to our greatest cause; our children. The great thing about volunteering for the band program, whether it be fundraising or road crew, is actually being present alongside your student and watching them grow right before your  eyes; from  fledgling freshmen to young adults their Senior year.  Please keep in mind when the call for volunteers goes out; YOU are needed, YOU are appreciated, and YOUR influence will leave an unfathomable impact on the lives of our students.

It’s going to be a great year! Go Matadors!

Executive Board (missing, Cassie Cadwell)


2023-2024 Band Boosters!

Caryn Wilson, Co- President

Caryn is the proud parent of twins who will be seniors and drum majors in the 2023-2024 school year. Caryn is a full-time registered nurse working in telehealth triage. Her previous leadership or board experience includes serving as Co-Vice President for 2022-2023 for Sandia Band Boosters; she has been an active volunteer with the boosters the past three years helping with many activities and events from car washes to helping to sale merchandise at the Pageant of the Bands to organizing the craft fairs and organizing food trucks for the craft fairs. While the twins were in elementary school Caryn served for two years as the 1st VP (Programs and Services) for Osuna PTA in 2014-2016. Caryn oversaw all programs and services for Osuna PTA and coordinated numerous events with committee chairs.

“My time as a volunteer has taught me that every volunteer has something to bring to the table. We work hard and play hard, just like our kids. We, as a board, truly value this organization. We are grateful to have an exceptional band director who challenges our kids daily, impacting our kids in such a profound and meaningful way, with so much support and encouragement. The sense of community within the band family has always been so welcoming as we all share a mutual admiration and respect for our kids, and a love of band and music in our schools. I’m thrilled to welcome our incoming students and parents. I am so excited to see how this year will unfold for this talented group of kids.”

Dallon Clarkson – Co-President

“My name is Dallon Clarkson and I am pleased to be able to continue on the board as co-president this year. I am a 4-year volunteer and truly enjoy working with everyone who takes the time to invest in our kids. I started out just being a roadie for the marching band. I became crew chief when we came back from the pandemic year and was the general funds treasurer last year.

I am from Hobbs, New Mexico but have lived in Albuquerque since 1981. I have four daughters, all of whom attended Sandia High School, and I have one left. Alia is a junior this year, so I am blessed to have at least two more years of watching and listening to this band. Please let me welcome all the new freshmen and new band parents. I look forward to meeting and working with you. See you on the field!!!”


Cassie Cadwell – Vice President

Originally from northern California, Cassie moved to Albuquerque in 1999. She has 4 children ages 8-18. Her oldest played in the marching band and jazz band at Sandia for 3 years and she was president of the Sandia Band Boosters for 2 of those years. After taking a year off she is excited to rejoin our team as VP! Her daughter will play saxophone in the marching band and clarinet in the jazz band. She also has a trombonist in Madison Middle School’s band and will actively participate with both bands this school year.
“I have volunteered for many of my children’s activities throughout their school years, but the Sandia Band Boosters is -hands down- my favorite organization to be a part of! The Sandia band program has brought so much joy to my children’s lives…and mine. I’m so excited to have another year of watching these amazing and talented musicians grow!” 

Ludie Bitner – Treasurer

Coming soon!

Melissa Perry, Secretary

Melissa is a native New Mexican and the parent of a senior band member this year. She was involved as a volunteer for many board activities throughout the last three years including the uniform team, craft fair, Pageant of Bands, webmaster, and newsletter editor. She looks forward to spending her last year with the band on the executive board.

“I look forward to helping to make this year a wonderful experience for all band kids and leaving behind a thriving booster organization for future band members.  Go Matadors!”


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